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Friday, 9 July 2010


meh sorry i haven't written in agessssssssssss... i don't really have a reason why
so heres the update
i'm back in hospital at this new place and am on constant 1 to 1 because i'm not "keeping myself safe" for heavens sake! and they barely let me do any excercise oor anyhting
and i've retty much made all my friends hate me as well cause i don't deserve good friends like them if i'm not going to be around much :(
so thats the update and i'll keep writing regulary




  1. Oh hon, *hugs* just try to treat yourself right. You deserve a great life and to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

  2. we all love you ruby, we don't hate you whatsoever - i don't know what's made you think that, but it's absolutely false! we want you to get through this so badly it's unreal we just want you back and even though you're not around, we're still there for you when you have time to talk whenever! you will get through this, i know you will, you're strong enough, just think of all the good old days before any of this even happened, back to mr o'neill and singing in the rain and barton hall and all that - and know that we all love you ruby, nothing's changed except for the distance, and only you can change that back... you just have to believe in yourself! cos we already do! :)