Sunday, 28 February 2010

just filling in the title space...

hello there :) yes matey so yesterday i went shopping which was a pretty awesome expierence... i had so much fun and for the first time in quite a while i flet like evrything was back to normal. i swear i haven't laughed so much in quite a while. there was a baby in a pram that was crying so their mother tryed to prevent their tears by stuffing a pom bear in their mouth and me and one of my friends just stood there like literally wetting ourselves. good times. and then we spent ages trying to find the right glue for me (i am very rubbish at making decisions) and i got one that smells nice and is blue.
today i went for walkies, listened to "baby" numerous times on repeat, yeah my dad was like "please stop playing this song!" he had it in his head when he went running.
anyway i won't be writing again till next friday, so until then have a good week :)
just because you made a mistake it doesn't mean you are a mistake

Saturday, 27 February 2010

baby baby babyyyyyy

sorry about the name... i'm listening to justin bieber- baby. OMG i love that song...

anyway now that i've revealed the reason for that post name just thought i'd say 2 HOURS TILL SHOPPING AND SEEING MY FRIENDS :) :) sorry i'm just super dooper excited.

but yes i do actually have to buy stuff as well:


and that's it. yes i'm making a scrapbook which shall be fun and will give me something to do when i'm bored (which does tend to happen at night as i have trouble sleeping) and can i just give some advice, just completly changing the subject, don't draw on your hand with berol pen becaus eit does not come off! i drew a peace sign on my hand and it hasn't come off! that was on thursday and since then i have had servral showers and it just does not want to come off, ah well

anyway sorry for the boring post



home sweet home

ahh home again :) and another busy weekend... in a minute i'm walking to morrisons, then having a bike ride then meeting up with 2 of my friends for shopping :) i'm so excited to see them cause one of them i haven't seen for like...EVER and we've known each other since year 2 aned she makes me laugh so it shall be good :)
so this week had it's ups and downs, but every down part had a good part and every good part had its down part. for example on tuesday i didn't have to go to school but that was only because i was really upset about something, but hey ho
okay sos this weeks been okay i guess not my worst week but not my best week, agood point was that i went to an art gallery and made a hat out of wire, that was good. and the woman talking to us had like really n ice hair, it was blonde and awesome. i think i'd like florence and the machine's hair. its amazeeeeeee.
anyway if anyone cares, my favourite songs at the moment are:
jay sean - do you remeber
chris brown- crawl
biffy clyro- many of horror
cheryl cole- parachute
poor cheryl :( anyway i'll write later but at this current moment in time my bladder is saying hello so toodles
quote for the day:

"i believe in being strong when everything is going wrong"



Saturday, 20 February 2010


well today i went shopping which was really fun :D i met one of my friends and we went shopping for an hour. i bought a new arrowwords book, nineteen minutes, the lovely bones and a photo book. i went on this photo website where you get 20 free photos so i'm going to put them in the photo book and write all the memories i've had with the photos. i can't wait to make it. i'm really excited to make it :)

i also went for a bike ride which was really nice and it felt like summer. i love summer...

now i'm going to go make a collage of pictures of me and my friends for my computor background

"never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting"



Friday, 19 February 2010

update of life :)

hello :)

so this is just a post about my week which suprisingly hasn't been too bad! it was half term so we went shopping in west quay and had to have lunch out! that was difficult. we went to marks and spencers to pick out stuff. i had a wrap so i didn't have to have crisps. once that wa sover with we wnet shopping for 2 hours! and the next day we went shopping as well. we also did extreme ironing where you pretend to do ironing in weird places... it was really fun.

and now i'm home :) so my plan for the weekend is: watch sleeping beauty on youtube tonight then tomorrow have breakfast, do supo, walk to morrisons, have snack, do supo, go on a bike ride, have lunch do supo, go shopping come back and later... PLAY MONOPOLY! my mums here so she got this around the world one with bank cards and everything! i love monopoly :D

so its going to be pretty busy this weekend which will be good cause i like being busy :)

i'll post again later on

my quote for the day that gets me through the tough times is:

"what cannot be avoided must be endured"



Sunday, 14 February 2010


some people might think i'm wierd but i love unusual names for my kids (yeah i'm sad i've already thought of names for them) so here are my names, see what you think:
yellow rose
ophelia theresa
tiger lilly
elijiah river
michael jackson
cassian indigo
*sigh* i just love those names, and i want to give thme middle names as well, cause i don't have a middle name :( oh well, if i did have a middle name it would be rose cause that is my favourite name
anyway i'll leave you once again with my favourite quote of the day
i believe in being strong when everything is going wrong


Saturday, 13 February 2010

night has fallen...

night has arrived and i still can't sleep! i mean at 8 i was ready to go to bed and now that i'm in bed i can't sleep! thats just beyond riducuolous, i get so tired during the day and then i can't sleep at night! just realised i've slightly overdone it on the exclamation marks, oops.
anyway, that was kind of random, so let me think of something actually intresting to write...
i really want to go see the film "the lovely bones" it looks really good and the girl who plays bryony in atonement is in it as well. however, it does seem kind of scary and i get scared very easily so maybe i shouldn't see it, cause if it is scary i will not be able to be by myself upstairs for about 3 weeks
anyway, i will try to get some sleep now

a letter

i saw this thing where you write a letter to your 16 year old self and i really wanted to do it but i'm not 16 so instead i'm doing one to myself 6 months ago, in August so here goes...
right now your struggling, you just don't know it yet. already someone is worrying about you and the fact that your not eating. you think your fine but in one month you won't be allowed at school anymore and in 2 months time you will be in hospital.
you're excited about year 10, but you'll only be there for 2 weeks. stop this now before it gets too late and you can't. life is for living and having fun with your friends, not for having constant arguments with your dad about food, which will happen soon. life is not for being in hospital sitting for hours on end eating a meal and praying they'll just take it away if you take long enough. life is not for worrying about weight. if you carry on the way you're going, in 6 months time you will be having a rubbish time, worrying about extra snacks and target weights. you'll be worrying about periods coming back soon. not because you want kids, but because you want to stop putting on weight.
stop this now. please. because if you don't, who knows what the future will hold. your school work will suffer and in january you'll still be on work from september and you'll be having to drop 3 subjects so you can attempt to stay in year 10.
if you have to carry on the way you are going then don't do one thing. when you put on 0.4kg don't freak out and pour your fortisips down the drain because i can promise you now that you will regret doing that for the rest of your life.
good luck

rubys new world

hello there, i'm ruby. i'm 15 and am new to this whole blog thing, but i thought hey this sounds fun. i think this will be good to write down stuff like if its worrying me or whatever. and all about my life, its no wonderland but oh well here goes...

i'm not at home all the time so i'll only be able to update every weekend, but hey ho, i don't think anyone will ever read this so i suppose it doesn't really mattter :/ to be perfectly honest i'm in hospital for most of the week for certain reasons, it means i'm not at school which i'm not complaining about because, to be perfectly honest, i don't like it. but i do like my friends and i miss them like crazy, they're pretty awesome people. i saw two of them today and we went shopping for an hour which was good. i hadn't seen them properly since october 22nd. it wasn't awkward at all, infact i had proper fun with them, i want to do it again now i think.

as you might be ale to tell, i like clocks... actually i like the time. i always need to know the time, i just hate it if i'm late for anything, i get really annoyed with myself if i am which usally leads to me being too early for things. however i was late for meeting my friends today which i was not happy about, but i suppose i could not prevent that as my dad was driving me and he decided when we left. i love music as well, i don't know what i would do without music, my favourite song
at the moment is crawl by chris brwon. the lyrics are amazing. i don't particulary like chris brown because of the whole rihanna thing but i do beleive that people should have second chances so long as someone is sorry and i think chris brown is sorry for what he did but thats just my opinion.

anyway i'll leave you with my favourite quote for the day

nothing is impossible, the word itself say i'm possible