Sunday, 28 March 2010

4 followers get in there :)

thank you to my four followers... it makes me happy to know that people follow my blog :)
so my week has been ok i guess.
monday was hmm. i went back to school again, and ha dno idea about any of the work but hey ho.
tuesday was good, i got to go to the gym, so i was happy
wednesday was fun i went to calshot and did snowboarding. i was rubbish but oh well. then i got to go to the gym again :)
thursday i got my period back!!! i can make babies now (not that i want to at this current moment in time)
friday was quite bad to start of with, everyone was having a go cause i lost a tiny bit of weight and i was like honestly its a tiny amount for heavens sake. then i went to my grandparents and went shopping, then i went to school. ICT was good :) then went out with tegannnnnnnnn and her dog rufus for a while
the weekend has been good, i went for a bike ride and a walk and shopping yesterday, and today i went for 2 walks and met up with erin :)
tomorrow i'm going to school again and they want me to go again on tuesday. i'm not. i mean like i heard today that a girl in the other half of my year was like " shes completly recovered" and then one of the teachers was liek " well she's put on weight at least" its like jeez thanks so now i feel so self consious that everyone thinks i look massive (which i do but i don't need other people to say that as well) and it's like just becaus ei've put on weight it doesn't mean i don't still get the thoughts! AHHHHHHHHHH
but oh well *calm*
anyway will write tomorrow maybe
"your dreams come true when you don't give up"

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  1. what the hell? nobody is talking about it at school haha that's so random! xx