Sunday, 21 March 2010

the weekend

sorry for not blogging all weekend, but hey ho it just means i'll write an extra long one...

okay here goes

so my week has been happysadtestingdifficult as per usual.

Monday was okay i cried but oh well that usally happens at least once in a week... Tuesday was awesome, i went onto maintence and green for all snacks. Wednesday was really good. we did skibobbing which was so good :) then we went to laser quest! it was scary but fun... oh and on tuesday we wnet for a walk because it was an inset day at the school. thursday was so so. friday was very nervewracking. i went to school for the first time in 6 months so i was so scared. i went home early and had lunch and stuff then at 1:10 i was at school. then i wnet to matron and she registered me and stuff, then i went in to maths. It was so scary! i sat at the back, but when i walked in people were like looking at me. then i went back to matron then i went to ICT. oh dear it was so scary because this time everyone was looking at me. but it was okay because i sat next to my good friend Tegan and we did shopping. then afterwards someone was like "its good to see you back again" which i just thought was so lovely and no-one asked anything awkward or mentioned how much weight i'd put on which was good :)
the weekend has been okay. i went shopping on saturday. on sunday at breakfast my stap dad shouted at me which was quite scary but we just pretend it didn't happen. then i met up with erin which was very good :) tomrorow i have to go to school again and have snack there! oh its going to be awful and to make matters worse my old skirt didn't fit me properly (well it fit but was a bit tight) and i was upset but my dad was like its the right size for a ten year old! its not but bless him for trying to make me feel better. so i am going back tomorrow, which is scary but at least i'm walking there.
anyway a nice long post
"if something is not happening for you it doesn't mean it's never going to happen
it just means you're not ready for it yet"



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