Saturday, 13 March 2010

wait for me

but i can't expect everyone else's lives to have paused just because mine has.

my week has been okay i guess... actually the first part was rubbish.

monday was just don'teven go there, as was tuesday. wednesday was looking up... thursday i got a discharge date!! april 16th! i cannot actually wait!
however i have to go back to school on friday which will be awful ¬¬
today i went shopping with erin which was good :) i got some glue and some new school shoes. but then i fought with my dad :( which i didn't like
tomorrow, i am meeting up with erin, seeing my grandparents and going to morrisons, which will all be good :)
anyway i'll leave you with my quote of the day
"it is much easier to give up then it is to hope"



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