Friday, 5 March 2010

the chain has been fixed :)

hi :) sorry about the random title, its cause my grandma got me a new chain for my locket, cause the chain broke and for the past week i've been feeling lost without it. but now its fixed yay!

anyway, my week has been good and bad. the bad things are:

in maths at school the i bought in my homework diary to show my teacher (whose also my tutor and is sorting out my reintergration to my home school) and we were deciding what lessons i'd go back for. so i choose periods 5 and 6 on a friday and she said that was fine but then she said for the next week a whole day!!! and i was liek no way i can't. so then we were talkign about it for ages and i just burst into tears which was highly embarrasing and we just stopped talking about it and she tried to cheer me up which was nice of her. i want to see my friends at school but i just can't see everyone else in my year and face them and try and catch up on all the work i've missed as well. so i'm kind of dreading it, but now i think its being sorted. so that kind of made me sad for the rest of the day, but the rest of the week was ok. i went to the gym :) and i got longer weekend leave so i can do more stuff at the weekend :)

so now i'm just youtubeing justin bieber cause he is an awesome singer and very good looking :)


" dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quitely and safely insane every night of our lives"



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  1. eww no i hate justin beiber!
    awww, i know, it's gonna be scary at first dude, but it will be OK! can't you just come back for period 5&6 then? I MISS YOU IN I.T ... xxx