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Friday, 19 February 2010

update of life :)

hello :)

so this is just a post about my week which suprisingly hasn't been too bad! it was half term so we went shopping in west quay and had to have lunch out! that was difficult. we went to marks and spencers to pick out stuff. i had a wrap so i didn't have to have crisps. once that wa sover with we wnet shopping for 2 hours! and the next day we went shopping as well. we also did extreme ironing where you pretend to do ironing in weird places... it was really fun.

and now i'm home :) so my plan for the weekend is: watch sleeping beauty on youtube tonight then tomorrow have breakfast, do supo, walk to morrisons, have snack, do supo, go on a bike ride, have lunch do supo, go shopping come back and later... PLAY MONOPOLY! my mums here so she got this around the world one with bank cards and everything! i love monopoly :D

so its going to be pretty busy this weekend which will be good cause i like being busy :)

i'll post again later on

my quote for the day that gets me through the tough times is:

"what cannot be avoided must be endured"



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