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Saturday, 27 February 2010

baby baby babyyyyyy

sorry about the name... i'm listening to justin bieber- baby. OMG i love that song...

anyway now that i've revealed the reason for that post name just thought i'd say 2 HOURS TILL SHOPPING AND SEEING MY FRIENDS :) :) sorry i'm just super dooper excited.

but yes i do actually have to buy stuff as well:


and that's it. yes i'm making a scrapbook which shall be fun and will give me something to do when i'm bored (which does tend to happen at night as i have trouble sleeping) and can i just give some advice, just completly changing the subject, don't draw on your hand with berol pen becaus eit does not come off! i drew a peace sign on my hand and it hasn't come off! that was on thursday and since then i have had servral showers and it just does not want to come off, ah well

anyway sorry for the boring post




  1. great to see you today!! you finally got the glue and LOL the pom bear woman! :D xx

  2. and you :) hell yeah the pom bear woman has me laughing still! i told my dad and he umm didn't find it funny... i was like you had to be there dad... xxx