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Saturday, 13 February 2010

night has fallen...

night has arrived and i still can't sleep! i mean at 8 i was ready to go to bed and now that i'm in bed i can't sleep! thats just beyond riducuolous, i get so tired during the day and then i can't sleep at night! just realised i've slightly overdone it on the exclamation marks, oops.
anyway, that was kind of random, so let me think of something actually intresting to write...
i really want to go see the film "the lovely bones" it looks really good and the girl who plays bryony in atonement is in it as well. however, it does seem kind of scary and i get scared very easily so maybe i shouldn't see it, cause if it is scary i will not be able to be by myself upstairs for about 3 weeks
anyway, i will try to get some sleep now

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