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Saturday, 13 February 2010

rubys new world

hello there, i'm ruby. i'm 15 and am new to this whole blog thing, but i thought hey this sounds fun. i think this will be good to write down stuff like if its worrying me or whatever. and all about my life, its no wonderland but oh well here goes...

i'm not at home all the time so i'll only be able to update every weekend, but hey ho, i don't think anyone will ever read this so i suppose it doesn't really mattter :/ to be perfectly honest i'm in hospital for most of the week for certain reasons, it means i'm not at school which i'm not complaining about because, to be perfectly honest, i don't like it. but i do like my friends and i miss them like crazy, they're pretty awesome people. i saw two of them today and we went shopping for an hour which was good. i hadn't seen them properly since october 22nd. it wasn't awkward at all, infact i had proper fun with them, i want to do it again now i think.

as you might be ale to tell, i like clocks... actually i like the time. i always need to know the time, i just hate it if i'm late for anything, i get really annoyed with myself if i am which usally leads to me being too early for things. however i was late for meeting my friends today which i was not happy about, but i suppose i could not prevent that as my dad was driving me and he decided when we left. i love music as well, i don't know what i would do without music, my favourite song
at the moment is crawl by chris brwon. the lyrics are amazing. i don't particulary like chris brown because of the whole rihanna thing but i do beleive that people should have second chances so long as someone is sorry and i think chris brown is sorry for what he did but thats just my opinion.

anyway i'll leave you with my favourite quote for the day

nothing is impossible, the word itself say i'm possible



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